5 Awesome Trekking Routes In Himachal Pradesh

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Himachal Pradesh is the wonderful state of India in all terms. And, there are several tourist destinations to visit there that you will surely love. In addition to that, you can find several trek routes there where you can experience your lifetime memorable journey.

The total of Himachal Pradesh is of 55,673 square meters. The elevation of Himachal is 1,476 feet to 22,395 feet above sea level.

The lowest elevation mountains are of Shivalik Range and the highest one is at the Lahaul Spiti region.

The Lahaul -Spiti region is adjacent to the Tibetan border from the Indian side.

The highest mountain peak of Himachal is Reo Purgyil which is perched at the elevation of 22,395 feet above the sea level.

Beautiful Trekking Routes in Himachal Pradesh

The mountain range is divided into the Shivaliks, Central Zone, Northern Zone, and Zanskar Range.

Due to the diverse elevation range, Himachal Pradesh consists of many trekking routes and destinations where some of them are the following:

Route 1: Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek

The Khirganga Trek route is situated in the Parvati Valley, Kullu District. The altitude of the Kheerganga is 9,711 feet above sea level. It is one of the suitable treks for beginners. The base village for this trek route starts from Barshaini. During the trekking trip at Kheerganga, you will visit Kasol and Manikaran. The trek route is 14 kilometers distance. To reach there you have to reach Bhuntar in Kullu district then by taking the bus, you will reach Barshaini.

Route 2: Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek

This trek route is situated in the Dhauladhar range of Himachal Pradesh. It is beautiful as well as the sacred place also. This place is said to be the “Taposthali” of great sage Ved Vyas Ji who wrote the world-famous Hindu scripture that is Mahabharata. The highest elevation of Beas Kund trek is 12,139 feet above the sea level.

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Route 3: Chandrakhani Pass Trek

Naggar, base point of Chandrakhani Pass Trek

It is again the most beautiful and adventurous trek of Himachal Pradesh. At this trek route, you will be amazed to see the magnificent views of Deo Tibba and Pir Panjal Ranges. The highest altitude you will face is 12000 feet at this trek. The base point for this trek is Naggar that is a small place near Manali. The other places during the trekking are Rumsu, Ganachalani & Celanti.

Route 4: Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek, Manali

The Hampta Pass trek is situated near Manali. It is known as the juncture point of Kullu and Lahaul Valley in Himachal Pradesh. It is the narrow pass between both these valleys. The maximum elevation of Hampta Pass is 13,500 feet above the sea level. The route to Hampta Pass goes through the funnel-shaped Hampta Valley which is surrounded by high snow-capped mountains and comprised of alpine meadows. The journey to Hampta Pass starts from Jobra which is few kilometers drive away from Manali. The other wonder of nature you will experience on this trek route is Chandratal which is a blue water lake settled amidst the high mountains of Lahaul Valley.

Route 5: Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

It is a difficult trek that exists in Himachal Pradesh. On this trek, you will face an altitude of 16000 feet above sea level. It is not a suitable trek for novice trekkers even without prior preparation expert trekkers also fail here. Endurance, stamina, and patience is required to complete this trek route challenge. This trek route starts from the Parvati Valley and concludes at the Pin Valley of Spiti region. It is the traditional route which is used by the local communities to reach from one valley to another. It is the most challenging route. 

Important Trecking Routes Advisory To Know in Himachal Pradesh:

Listed down below are important trekking routes advisory you should know in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Be Responsible

    Try to avoid activities that harm nature. Care about nature and be a responsible trekker.

  2. Don’t Use Toxic Material

    Do not use any toxic material during the trip; it may lead you in difficulty.

  3. Bring Your IDs

    Be ready and upon asking you have to show your id-proof authority.

  4. Respect Religion Belief

    Do not make fun of any religious belief. Be respectful.

  5. Avoid Bringing Plastic Materials

    Try to avoid plastic materials as much as possible. In case you have used it during trekking then do not leave it behind and put it in your garbage bag.

  6. Be Ready and Prepare Personal Garbage Bag

    Carry a personal garbage bag with you for your trash.

  7. Prepare Trekking Permits

    Obtain all the permits before the trek commence. It will save you time.

  8. Abide in Indian Law

    Do not indulge in any activity which is against the Law of India.

  9. No Weapons Allowed

    Do not carry any weapon in the valley.

  10. Be Friendly

    Try to avoid bad comments on co-travelers. If you face any issues, then notify your team/group leader.

  11. Do Not Hide Any Health Issues

    If you face any health issues, then tell your team leader immediately.

  12. Follow Instructions and Be One With the Group

    Stick with the group and follow the instructions of the group leader.

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