Binance Lending: Lend Crypto And Earn Passive Cash

Have some extra crypto on your wallet, or just tired trading to earn cash every single day? Well, say no more! Introducing the new Binance Lending, where you will lend some crypto and earn passive cash.

Binance, I’ve heard it before. Trading right?

Yes, you got it. To be precise, Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform for trading cryptocurrencies. And quick fact, since early 2018, Binance (until now) is considered as the biggest crypto exchange platform in the world in terms of trading volume. And that’s awesome, this only proves the trust of people to the said exchange. This crypto exchange platform was founded by these two ambitious chinese dudes namely: Changpeng Zhao, the CEO and Yi He.

Binance also spans an entire ecosystem to spread the freedom of money and building the infrastructure for the blockchain ecosystem. They also have a charity as one of that ecosystem. Donate for goodness sake man and all that help you have given will return back to you one day. One way or another. :゚。( * ´ ◡ ` )

Okay, you got me. Hit me with that Binance Lending stuff. I will lend crypto right, then earn passive cash!?

Recently, they launched a new exciting way to earn passive crypto and that is Binance Lending. And yeah short story, you lend some crypto, hold it in a certain time period. And boom, earnings!

How Binance Lending Works:

  1. Subscribe

    With Binance Lending, you can choose from a wide suite of crypto lending options. Available in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and more.

  2. Hold

    Binance Lending products helps maximize your benefit. Just hold your funds in the Binance Lending product you are subscribed to and grow your wealth with accruing interest.

  3. Get Earnings

    Interest will be distributed to you every day (for flexible deposits) or on the redemption date (for fixed deposits) automatically.

Binance offers two types of crypto lending. You can choose any of them to earn passive cash.

#1 – Flexible Deposit

Flexible Deposit is your crypto savings account. Subscribe your crypto to earn interest, with the flexibility to redeem your funds at any time.

Flexible Deposits
Flexible Deposits

#2 – Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit is for the guys commited to hold crypto on a certain period for a much higher interest earnings.

Fixed Deposits
Fixed Deposits

That’s it! If you haven’t registered yet in Binance, use my referral link – so we both can earn 10%. (Well, better than earning nothing when you register). Then check out Binance Lending. Subscribe, hold and earn passive crypto.

Binance QR Code and Referral Link
Binance QR Code and Referral Link

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