Is Pasta A Staple Food In Italy? (And 13 Awesome Facts About It)

Every country has its famous foods, but there is one that we can proudly say a staple food as it’s really common. Likewise in Italy, there is only one food that is eaten in all of the regions, and I know you have heard of it. So, is pasta a staple food in Italy? Let us learn more together below.

13 Awesome Pasta Facts You Should Know

Before we dive in to learn about pasta being a staple food in Italy. Here are 13 awesome facts about it that you should know.

Fact 1: Pasta A Reminder Of Italy

When you hear the word “pasta“, which first thing comes to your mind? Is it Italy? If so then yes, it is correct. That is because pasta originated from Italy and it goes very well with different varieties of other foods.

Fact 2: The Main Ingredients Used

Originally three main ingredients are used to make the perfect pasta. These include durum wheat, eggs, and water. Eggs and water are the most common ingredient. But, the variety of flour can change as new crops are being grown for it.

Fact 3: Can Burrata Cheese Be Used As Well?

Burrata cheese is considered the best option to go with pasta according to experts. All pasta varieties can be either mixed or topped with Burrata cheese to give a unique taste to the dish.

Fact 4: Two Types Of Pasta

Pasta is made in two broad categories; one is fresh that is made by hand and has been in this way for a long time. The other is dried which is produced in large quantities commercially.

Fact 5: How Many Variety There Are?

Pasta comes in all types of forms, shapes, and sizes and you will be surprised that over 1300 names of pasta are registered. Approximately, 310 forms of pasta have been known.

Fact 6: Pasta Becoming The Staple Food

The process of pasta becoming the staple food of Italy is a very long one. It was a slow and gradual procedure and now past is available at the online store all around the world including Burrata House.

Fact 7: How Did The Pasta Originate?

The very first form of pasta was seen in the 1st Century as lasagna; that was a fine sheet of flour and water mixture. After that people started creating variety in it through various methods.

Fact 8: False Believes Of Its Origin

There was a false belief circulating that Marco Polo was the person who brought pasta in the initial form of the spaghetti. But historians have confirmed that other varieties of pasta recipes using Burrata cheese were already being served in various regions of Italy.

Fact 9: Proper Procedure Of Making Pasta

As discussed, there are three basic ingredients used to make pasta. But in order to create different varieties, the home-made press was used for it. The pasta dough was kneaded by hand and rolled out to make different shapes and sizes.

Fact 10: Modern Technology Made Pasta Making Easier

But as modern technology developed, the creation of pasta became easier and faster. People started to make the kinds of pasta in bulks to be sold all around the world. This started in the 1800s using watermills to operate grinding stones.

Fact 11: Pasta Was Only For Rich

As pasta was difficult to make by that time, people demanded more money to make it. This affects everyone as not all could afford it. Only the rich were the ones who could pay and enjoy the pasta invention.

Fact 12: Pasta Became A Staple Food In the 17th Century

It was not until the 17th Century that pasta became a staple food in Italy. During this period mass production of pasta started (as wheat became cheap) and everyone could afford it. There are also several explanations for it described in this National Geographic story about the twisted history of pasta.

Fact 13: Served With Regional Variety

As access to pasta became available to all; People added more and new ingredients to them. Today the most popular of all is with Burrata Cheese.

So, Is Pasta A Staple Food In Italy?

Just so we are clear, pasta is an ingredient for a whole Italian cuisine. But if we are talking about pasta foods like carbonara, ciceri e tria, lasagna, and the likes. Then yes, pasta is considered a staple food in Italy.

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