Why Hiring a Professional Epoxy Floor Installer is Better vs Doing it Yourself

Epoxy floor installation may seem easy at first but the truth is, it’s very complex (in a way of there’s a lot of things to consider) and difficult. You will learn here why hiring a professional epoxy floor installer is still better.. “than doing it myself? Pfft… Looks easy. I think I can do it!“. Well, think again. Not everything is a DIY project prospect.

DIY (Doing It Yourself) projects are popular and for most people, it is a way to escape the stress from everyday life. Taking a trip to your favorite hardware store, you could be thinking about your next project. Upon seeing all these epoxy floor coating kits, you might even get to convince yourself for a garage makeover because, why not?

BUT before anything else, think again. Having a strong and durable floor is an investment. Gambling the floor quality by taking your chance on DIY might be at your disadvantage. As, quality is very important when it comes to your home because it has a direct effect on your way of living.

Should A Professional Epoxy Floor Installer Do It? Or Is It Better Doing It Yourself? Well, Here’s Some Factors To Consider.

Epoxy flooring installation isn’t as simple as it may look for a beginner and doing it yourself might be a little harder vs a much professional epoxy floor installer working on it. There are certain factors to be considered that even professionals take into account.

Factor 1: Preparation and Repairs

There are measures done by professional installers before the actual epoxy application. Thoroughly cleaning the surface will remove dirt that could ruin the finish. In most cases, grinding or roughening the surface is also necessary to prepare the floor to make way for better adhesion. Most importantly, not all floors are the same. If you are preparing for a renovation project, assessment of the existing floor is vital to the process. This will determine if the floor is ready to take the procedure or not. If it’s a tile overlay project, there are additional steps to take like digging out the dirty grout lines and then leveling the surface. Unlike existing floors, the new concrete floor may require less attention. Not all of these are basic knowledge. DIY kits don’t have everything on them.

Factor 2: Aesthetic Quality

Doing it yourself brings the most out of your creativity and skills. But some things need greater skills to bring out the best result. One of these things is epoxy floor installation. Surely, one could be capable of creating an interesting floor appearance out of the materials available in a DIY kit. But this is only limited to a handful of coloured flakes and basic colours. On the other hand, consulting professional installers not only gives you access to advanced techniques and skills but at the same time gives you a wider rand of colours and designs to choose from. Slip-resistance option is also readily available.

Factor 3: Durability and Strength

Every floor is unique and has its own special need. It is given that epoxy flooring systems are known for their exceptional durability and strength, making them a top choice for industrial spaces and high traffic areas. This outstanding flooring system can resist chemical spills and repel most dirt. Additionally, it is durable and easy to clean. However, DIY kits lack certain materials like a grout coating or sealer that could improve the quality of the floor. In this case, consulting a flooring specialist is a must. Applying a sealer is an essential step to protect your floor against any damage. Moreover, installers typically use one or more coats of clear solid epoxy, then by a UV-resistant urethane finish coat to wrap up the chips and slip-resistant aggregate. This step will ensure the floor to have a long-lasting performance.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional

Hiring a professional epoxy floor installer may seem to cost a lot, especially if you are doing the project on a limited budget. Though the truth is not many realize that doing it yourself comes with a certain risk. Having epoxy flooring has a lot of benefits and letting experts do the job is practically the right choice to get optimal results.

Benefit 1: Saves Money

Doing it yourself looks like the way to go if you are on a budget. But in the long run, it’s not worth your money. Professional floor specialists have been in the field for quite some time. They know the right costing for the right solution that is suitable for your floor. Dedicated professionals will go out of their way to adapt to your financial capability. Whilst, on the contrary, doing it yourself might lead to overspending with things you won’t necessarily need.

Benefit 2: Saves Time

Professionals already know what to do, saving you time and labor. They know the twists and turns of the application process. If sudden mishaps are to come up, they could smoothly adapt to the situation. This obviously saves you time compared to doing it your way which is stressful and might take even longer.

Benefit 3: Superb Preparation

As mentioned, floor preparation is vital to the process. If properly done, the result will last longer. Professionals will make sure that the floor is well-prepped as needed. It is important to ensure that the surface is dry and clean to make way for adhesion. Once the floor is free of dirt, the primer will be applied to ensure a better bond and a long-lasting finish.

Benefit 4: Superior Application

Experience is the key. As professional installers, they understand surface compatibility and they are knowledgeable of the right mixture. There are specific products depending on what the floor needs. Taking the risk and doing it yourself might just lead you to spend more because what you did was wrong.

Benefit 5: Less Risks

A wrong application may result in a faulty result. If left to that, accidents such as slippage may happen. Hiring a professional cancels out the risk. They are guaranteed to provide a smooth and almost perfect results. Apart from this, epoxy application includes mixing of chemicals which also raises a few risks. Equipment use may also be needed, which could be a safety risk if you don’t know how to use it. Just relax and let the experts do it.

Benefit 6: Exceptional Result

Perfect epoxy flooring can’t be done at first try. It takes years of experience to master the techniques in floor preparation and epoxy coating application. By acquiring the services of a professional, there’s no need to worry about getting the results that you want. They will make sure that you’ll have the best results that you deserve.

The Choice Is Yours But Choose Wisely!

Doing it yourself is not always the solution to every problem. Consulting a professional floor specialist first before taking any step is the smart way to go. In this way, you’re saving more time and money than you could even think of. If you’re looking for one though, for any inquiries or sample inspection, contact Darius.

At Epoxy Flooring Brisbane, we only want what’s best for you! We get you more, from your floor.

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