Is Legit or a Scam? An In-Depth TravelGo Review

In recent times, online travel booking platforms have become increasingly popular, offering travelers convenience and competitive prices for flight reservations.

One such platform is, which claims to provide affordable flight bookings for both domestic and international travel.

However, its legitimacy has been a subject of debate among travelers due to mixed user experiences and varying reviews.

In this in-depth review, we’ll explore the features, pros and cons, user reviews, and overall verdict to help you decide whether Travel Go is a trustworthy platform for your travel bookings.

What is TravelGo (Ly.Com)?

TravelGo (, also known as, is an online travel agency that allows users to search for and book flights from various airlines. The platform claims to offer competitive prices on airfares, enabling travelers to find budget-friendly options for their journeys.

While the website functions as a flight aggregator, it does not operate airlines or provide its own travel services. Instead, TravelGo partners with established airlines to offer flight options to its users.

Pros of TravelGo

TravelGo offers competitive prices, a variety of payment options, easy search and comparison features, partnerships with established airlines, and a user-friendly website.

  1. Competitive Prices – Some users have reported finding cheaper flight options through TravelGo compared to booking directly through airlines or other travel agencies. The platform’s ability to aggregate flight data from multiple sources can lead to cost savings for certain routes.
  2. Variety of Payment Options – TravelGo accepts payments through credit cards, PayPal, WeChat, and AliPay, providing users with convenient payment choices. This flexibility makes it easier for travelers from different regions to complete their bookings.
  3. Search and Compare – The platform allows users to search and compare flights from different airlines, making it easier to find the most suitable option based on their preferences and budgets. This feature streamlines the booking process for users looking for specific flight details.
  4. Partnered with Established Airlines – TravelGo collaborates with well-known airlines like Virgin Australia, offering flights from reputable carriers. This partnership lends credibility to the platform’s flight options and can give users peace of mind when booking through TravelGo.
  5. User-Friendly Website – The website design is relatively straightforward, enabling users to navigate and find flight options without much hassle. The booking process is intuitive, and users can complete their reservations with relative ease.

Cons of TravelGo

Below are some cons to consider before using TravelGo for your flight bookings.

  1. Negative User Reviews – TravelGo has received a significant number of negative reviews, with complaints about poor customer service, difficulty reaching support, and unresolved issues. Many users have expressed frustration with the platform’s lack of responsiveness and lackluster assistance.
  2. Lack of Information – Some users have raised concerns about the limited information available about the company, including its physical location and registration details. The absence of comprehensive company details can make it challenging for users to assess the platform’s credibility.
  3. Passport Details Requirement – TravelGo asks for passengers’ passport details even for domestic flights, which may raise privacy and security concerns for some users. Requiring passport information for domestic travel can seem unnecessary and deter potential customers.
  4. Uncertain Legitimacy – The abundance of negative reviews and the platform’s limited transparency raise questions about TravelGo’s legitimacy and reliability as a travel booking service. Users may hesitate to entrust their travel plans and personal information to a platform with uncertain credentials.

Why TravelGo Appears to be Legitimate?

TravelGo does appear to have some characteristics that may suggest legitimacy:

A. Website and Booking Platform

TravelGo has a functioning website where users can search for and book flights. The platform appears to offer flight options from various airlines, and users can enter their travel details to find available flights.

B. Accepted Payment Methods

According to user reviews, TravelGo accepts payments through various methods, including credit cards, PayPal, WeChat, and AliPay. Accepting multiple payment options can be a sign of a legitimate business.

C. User Reviews

While TravelGo has some negative reviews, it also has a few positive reviews where users have reported successful bookings and satisfactory experiences. User reviews can offer insights into a company’s services and credibility.

D. Contact Information

The platform provides contact details, including an email address and a phone number. Having accessible contact information is a positive sign as it allows users to reach out for assistance or inquiries.

E. Website Design

From the information provided, the website appears to be functional and reasonably well-designed, although it may lack some detailed information about the company itself.

F. Booking with Established Airlines

Users have mentioned booking flights with well-known airlines like Virgin Australia through TravelGo. Collaborating with reputable airlines can indicate that the platform is working with legitimate partners.

TravelGo Review Verdict

While I cannot definitively label TravelGo as a scam, there are numerous red flags and reasons to be cautious about using their services. It’s essential to be aware of these potential issues to protect yourself and make informed decisions when booking through any online platform.

Here are some reasons that might make you skeptical about TravelGo’s legitimacy:

A. Lack of Official Affiliations

TravelGo is not registered with reputable industry bodies such as AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents)‘s through ATAS (Australian Travel Accreditation Scheme) or other recognized travel associations. Established travel agencies usually have affiliations that provide consumer protection and reassurance.

B. Mandatory Passport Details for Domestic Flights

Requiring passengers to provide passport details for domestic flights is highly unusual and raises concerns about the platform’s intentions and potential misuse of sensitive information.

C. Inconsistent Customer Service

Numerous negative reviews highlight poor customer service from Travel Go. Delayed responses, unhelpful assistance, and difficulty in resolving issues have left customers frustrated and dissatisfied.

D. Obscure Background and Location

The platform’s Chinese origins and the lack of detailed information about the company’s background can make users skeptical about its legitimacy and trustworthiness.

E. Mixed User Reviews

While some users report successful bookings and competitive prices, there are also numerous negative reviews detailing problems with bookings, cancellations, and refunds, raising doubts about the platform’s reliability.

F. Lack of Trustworthy Testimonials

The absence of well-documented and verifiable testimonials from reputable sources may lead users to question the credibility of Travel Go’s claims.

G. Potential Scam Reports

There have been instances where users reported being scammed by travel agencies with similar names, leading to confusion and mistrust in the market.

User Reviews

User reviews of TravelGo are mixed, with some travelers expressing satisfaction with their bookings, citing competitive prices and smooth transactions.

Positive reviews often highlight successful experiences where users secured affordable flights with TravelGo.

TravelGo Customer Review 2
A customer review highlighting a positive experience from March 2023. From

However, the platform has also received a substantial number of negative reviews like below. Many users have reported issues with customer service, refund processes, and communication, indicating potential risks when booking through this platform.

TravelGo Customer Review 1
This is a review from November 2023, outlining a disappointing experience. From
TravelGo Customer Review 3
A customer review detailing a negative experience encountered in January 2022. From

Note: Remember, it’s best practice to review recent feedback from various customers across different review sites for a safer experience.

Final Word

As with any online travel booking platform, caution is advised when using TravelGo. While some users have reported successful bookings and satisfactory experiences, others have faced significant challenges and frustrations.

Before making a decision, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, read reviews from multiple sources (Not just this one), and consider using well-established and reputable travel booking sites to ensure a safe and reliable booking experience.

Remember to prioritize your privacy and security when providing personal information and making payments online. Ultimately, the decision to use TravelGo should be made after careful consideration of all available information and potential risks.

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